Business Consulting: 3 Reasons Why You Need it in 2019

Being a business owner in the 21st century is fraught with complexity. Technology, competition, and markets are changing faster than ever, and it is easy for businesses to fall behind the curve. That is where business consultants come into play. The sole purpose of business consulting is to help business owners improve the efficiency and performance of their business. This way, they can stay ahead of the curve and gain an advantage over their competition.

Now that you know the simple explanation of what business consulting is, why should you hire a consultant for your business?

Field Expertise and Unbiased Opinions

One benefit of hiring a business consultant is to take advantage of their years of experience and expertise. Experienced consultants have likely spent decades of their life analyzing and helping businesses just like yours. They can easily identify key inefficiencies in your business that may be difficult for you to recognize. Consultants also take a lot of time to learn and understand the specific aspects of your business that make you unique. This process is typically known as “discovery.” From this, a business consultant will provide you with a personalized, unbiased list of changes and opportunities to grow business, maximize sales/profits, and increase efficiency. Below is an infographic depicting the different stages of business consulting:

Good business owners are able to make positive business decisions, regardless of their personal opinions. While this may seem obvious, often business owners fall into the trap of not doing what is best for the business, because of how it may impact them personally. A good business consultant will take an objective approach  and assist you in making the right decisions for your business. They offer creative, “thinking outside of the box” solutions to your business problems that foster exponential growth.

Another hidden benefit of this is that you can tap into their expertise any time you may need it. All business owners know that problems can arise at any given time. For particularly complex problems, this extra set of eyes and expertise is critical in ensuring proper resolution. Many businesses that face an onslaught of problems in sales, management, and operations know that it can be overwhelming. Engaging a business consultant can help prioritize these problems and work through each one individually.

Training Employees

Another area a business consultant can support your team is via hands-on coaching and training of your employees. Their knowledge, experience, and outside perspective can become valuable assets to your team. For example, let’s say your sales team is struggling to close as many deals as you would like. A sales consultant would work 1-on-1 with the sales team to create effective and highly profitable selling techniques, custom tailored to your business.

With their highly versed experience, being able to pass that knowledge on to employees can be invaluable to you and your business!

A business consultant can also help your sales team set actionable goals that will bring positive growth without burdening employees whatsoever. By setting attainable goals and milestones, your employees will feel happy and motivated, facilitating an environment for positive change.

Creating Large-Scale Change

This brings us to the third important benefit of hiring a business consultant – change. We all know the feeling of complacency that settles in when businesses settle for the status quo. A business consultant can get the ball rolling on change by starting with small-scale changes to processes and people. These positive changes create ripples on a large scale that lift the company from stagnancy. A good business consultant will improve company mentality, culture, and efficiency, all of which help businesses flourish in the long term.

With all of these reasons in mind, hiring a business consultant is an investment that should be carefully considered and evaluated. However, it’s obvious that no matter your business’s size, niche, or level of success – a business consultant can benefit you tremendously.

The Business Owner’s Struggle

As a business owner, your focus should be on expansion and growth rather than on fixing problems in your business. Unfortunately, fixing these problems typically  requires quality time and resources that not all businesses have. Consultants are specifically designed to help you address, prioritize, and solve your business’s problems. That way, you can dedicate your time to management or other facets of business that will bring about growth. At Fivestone Solutions, we’ve helped dozens of businesses increase sales and efficiency through our suite of business consulting and sales coaching services. Contact us below if you’d like to get in touch with us!

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