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Businesses thrive on vision, skill, and passion. We come alongside your team of professionals and guide you through the process of unlocking all three. We believe in you and what you do. We thrive on finding the pathways that will lead to you being the best at what you do. From defining your mission, to developing strategies, to implementing processes and procedures, Fivestone Solutions has the expertise to help you realize the full potential of your business.

Sales Coaching

Sales is the heart of your business. It needs to perform optimally. Fivestone Solutions will energize your Sales team to increase closing ratios, maximize profitability, and create recurring revenue. Our proven strategies optomize your strengths, allowing you to confidently navigate the practices and processes that ensure success. Individual coaching, team coaching, and outsourced sales management work in concert to unleash your potential.


The marketplace needs to know who you are, what you do, and, most importantly, why you do what you do. Fivestone Solutions realizes the importance of not just setting yourself apart from the competition, but showing your clients and potential clients that you are a cut above. We help you to craft that image and make sure that the right people know it.

Patrick Martinez - Founder

Patrick Martinez has a zealous ambition to empower individuals and companies to “do what they do better.” His 22-year career as an entrepreneur, CEO, and leading sales professional has been dedicated to inspiring others to realize their vision of success; creating processes to ensure that defined and measurable goals are achieved; and shepherding teams through those processes, providing the coaching and encouragement necessary to foster positive and lasting change. Patrick approaches Sales and Leadership Coaching from the perspective that his clients and their companies are capable and have value. He insightfully…

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